Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our purpose as Christians

The purpose which the church exist
1) worship God
2)to equip and bring us to spiritual maturity
3)Mathew 24:14 to preach the gospel all over the world where humans are located
Mathew 9:35
Psalm 110:1-2
Acts 1:4 -9
Mathew 6:20-21
#You must seek to find your mission on earth in disseminating the gospel
#what God has given to you is enough to start a revolution
#the is no corporate blessing in heaven
1 Corinthians 3:11
Mathew 6:19-21
Invest your time skill and resources to spread the Gospel
#the higher I go in Christ The higher my thirst for Christ
#We are here to be light we are here to be saved we are her to draw people to Christ
#what crosses form earth to heaven matters

Monday, October 24, 2016

Blessed are those who are persecuted for Righteousness sake

SPEAKER: Pastor Sarah Omakwu
SCRIPTURE: Matt.5: 1-12; 1 Peter 3: 13-17
We have come to the final installment of the series on Beatitudes. Today, I will be talking about the blessedness of persecution Matt. 5:10.
After practicing all the Beatitudes you would expect the last Beatitude to be sweet relief but Jesus caps it with persecution. Jesus warns us that there will be persecution. So living the beatitudes will not earn us congratulations but persecution. Though Jesus was meek, humble and righteous He was persecuted and called names, He was also berated, despised, mocked, Beaten, spat upon and crucified for being good. “Blessed are you when you are persecuted”.
Blessed means ‘Happy’. The Happy referred to here is not a temporal feeling of wellbeing, Rather it’s the peace that comes from an assurance that God is in control. It is a feeling that cannot be explained but experienced. Being blessed is a settled matter in your heart that all will be well with you. Have you noticed there is hardly any persecution in our daily personal experience today? That is simply because our Christianity is not an offense to unbelievers anymore It means we are no different from unbelievers in our speech, dress and actions We tolerate their smoking and lewd jokes because we don’t want to offend We hide our virginity to avoid ridicule We wear short and revealing clothes We share the proceeds of corruption with them We have become afraid of making a stand for Christ publicly .

Sunday, October 16, 2016

#peace #beatitudes of Christ

The Beatitudes of Christ #peace
Peace is a state of mind or the function of your mind
#peace is deliberate
#nothing really matters
#learn to talk to your self nothing is really important #your peace is all that matter #dont worry #you own your peace
#peace is a choice #it s fruit of the spirit
Mathew 5:1-9
1 Peter 2:25
Jesus left us a personal example of his life style
Mathew 7:28
Jesus speaks with Authority because he believed in his word's
World peace is detorating and conflict is increasing #the solution is you #peace #peace is the the fruit of reconciliation
#peace is freedom from disquieting or oppressive force
#apeace maker reconcile men to God
1corinthians 14:44
God is the author and source of peace
#we are children of peace
#jesus is the prince of peace
Luke 2:13-14
Ephesians 2:14

3 ways to be a peace maker like Jesus

1,We must be willing to give up our rights as peace makers

2, you must be able to go to the root cause of a problems to be a peace makers

#mathew 20:20

Blessed are the peace makers for they shall become sons of God

3, learn to love first and lover in return

#emotion and physical healing bring peace
God us pleased every time we make peace

#belike Jesus every day of your life to enjoy the beatitudes of Jesus
#our peace is from God
Isaiah 52:7
#God has called us to be peace makers not peace fakers

#reconcile men to God
#win souls
#be an active ambassador of peace

#dont hold everyone captive with you emotion

#every thing is in your mouth
#let the peace of God rule in your heart
#if you have food and clothing you are contempt

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blessed are the merciful

Speaker: Pastor Sarah Omakwu
Scriptures: Mathew 18: 21-35; Luke 10: 25-37; Mathew 5: 7
As I teach on ‘Blessed are the Merciful’ I indulge you all to open your hearts and receive what God has to say to you.
‘Mercy’ in English means showing compassion, pity, sympathy, forgiveness, kindness, and refraining from harming offenders or enemies.
Mercy is for people who have hurt you and who most likely do not deserve it; it is a higher level of forgiveness. God will rather you show mercy than do religious activities i.e. church attendance (Mathew 9:13). God never asks us to do anything beyond our ability or experience. Hence, we have the capacity to show mercy. People who are unforgiving have not allowed the Mercy of God to work fully in them. Mercy cannot be practiced in isolation of the first four which was taught in the previous teachings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


She transited from the ‪#‎ChurchMilitant‬ to the ‪#‎ChurchTriumphant‬ in the early hours of Saturday July 9th, 2016. "Through her faith she won God's approval as a righteous one, because God himself approved of her gifts. By means of her faith Eunice still speaks, even though she is dead." Hebrews 11:4 GNB
Live On In Our Hearts, ma.
Considering the circumstances of her martyrdom, What Manner of People Ought We To Be?
Hate doesn't even begin to come into it. That would be the ultimate dishonour to our Master, Himself martyred for us only to rise again, and to her precious, evergreen, memory. We shall keep loving.
We shall keep preaching.
Let's carry on her 16 years street evangelism passion for Christ till He comes to take us home.
We refuse to disobey the "Go Ye" mandate of our Lord and Saviour because of intimidation and fear of any devil.

Friday, July 8, 2016


I choose to succeed in this second half of the year
I will continue to pray in the holy spirit
#i will continue to come to Church
#i have decided to serve God #nothing will distract me from the cooperate anointing of God
#1second in the house of God is greater than any where in the world
#psalm 77:13
#there is so much knowledge coming to Church
#spiritual freedom #release

#@ become aggressive in soul winning #bring people to God
#let your lifestyle speak
#the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life
#the soul winners shall shine because they are wise

@decide to become completely obedient to the church and God
#the doers are going to be blessed
@we must decide to become faithful or remain faithful in our giving
#do not be deterred by situation #economic
#Give more when things are rough Give more #sow bountiful
#ecclesiastes 11:4
#time to sow
#God has planned for me
#every thing you need is in the house of God #my need will be met in this House
Isaiah 53:

@Decide no to do unwise stuff, or stupid stuff
#plan your finances be prudent pay your debt
#guard and strengthen what you have
#the big is in the small
#look for opportunity to in vest in the small things
@Decide to act on all your decisions
#i decide to be successful In the second half of the back 2016
Welcome the holy spirit into your life
Pray to God for fresh dose of Grace to bless and forgive those who have offended me
#i pray for grace to be obedient in the Lord
#you will succeed by the power of Almighty God #You will have victory in the latter part of this year

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Topic: TEMPTATION by pastor Sarah omakun
Matthew 4:1- 13
Luke 4:1-14
Deuteronomy 6:1
TEMPTATION is a strong urge to do or have something bad unwise 
Christ died for us leaving us an example of what to do
#temptation comes from the devil, he will bring temptation to derail you , loose confidence, personal guilty, lust
Temptation is a test on your faith as a Christian
#How you deal with temptation determine the dept your Christianity
Temptation come in many ways, a voice in your head, or through people,
When you are not acting wisely you are tempted
#God cannot tempt you it is impossible
#Jesus was yielded by the holy sprit
#man ought to live everyday by the word of God
#Go behind the Mind of Christ to understand how to fight temptation
#temptations and unwise decisions will remove you from your position on earth
#God left us a point of reference on how to fight temptation #push the devil back #know the voice of God it is always
#be full of the word of God fight temptation
#the devil questioned the identity of Christ
#the devil will give you #100 and take away your life #he give you #more for less
#Jesus Christ knew who he was #dont come down from your person as a Child of God
#i refuses to yield to temptation
#refuse shortcuts
#take a retrospect and see where God has brought you from
#find out the weight of your assignment  before you yield to temptation
#too much is @ stake
#develop the discipline of Fasting like Jesus did,it help you to fight temptation
#what I already am I am I don't need to prove anything #know you position in God
#be weary of shortcuts #dont turn stones into bread
#have a value system
#what are your core values?
#do u have any value?
# what is your purpose?
#you must move forward
#what is @ stake
#temptation is wat takes away the blessing God is about to give, refuse to bow
I refuse to fall into any temptation
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